Synchronized LED Light Show For Audio Players


Vivify your Saturday night recreational drug use parties with LEDs and (pirated) MP3s. Once connected to an external audio source, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Dancing Light MP3 Synchronizer puts on a light show rivaled only by Gatecrasher. The cylinder spins ’round and ’round, beaming onto a nearby wall or ceiling spectacular patterns and colors, all in sync with whatever music you choose to groove to. Glowsticks and sugar cubes not included.

Dancing Light MP3 Synchronizer
[Hammacher Schlemmer via I4U News]

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Hitachi phone sports highest mobile screen res anywhere

Hitachi W51H

Hitachi is releasing their new W51H phone in Japan, and it features a display that puts the iPhone’s high-res screen to shame. While Apple’s buzz-generator sports a nice 320×480 3.5-inch screen, the W51H has a whopping 480×800 resolution on a 2.9-inch screen. Yep, it’s smaller, but it’s a whole lot sharper. It’s not a touchscreen of course, but what do you expect?

Other nifty features include a fingerprint scanner for security, a 2-megapixel cameraphone, and a LED flash for making those low-light shots look their best. You also get 30MB of onboard memory and voice-activated GPS, allowing you to bark directions at your phone without looking at it. It comes in three colors; red, white, and black, and predictably is only being sold in Japan. Sigh.

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The X UFO the RC flying toy. It incorporates the latest miniature technology and it comes with a unique electronic control system. It uses powerful electric motors with two pairs of counter-rotating propellers and an innovative gyro for stability. This UFO is made of ultra lightweight carbon fiber and EPP foam and can fly on the air up to 300 feet. There one red and three blue Flashing LED to make it look more like a real UFO especially in the dark. With the Digital 4 CH Radio you can control all aspects of flight, throttle, pitch, roll and yaw. It is available for $129 with free shipping (limited stock). Video demonstration is available at the product page.

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Get the LED Out

A high-tech way to liven up your next dinner party

December 21, 2006—It’s never a good sign when a gaming device is the most stylish thing in a room, though Moritz Waldemeyer’s new LED game tables just might be an exception to the rule. Packed with thousands of tiny lights and touch-sensitive pads, each doubles as a high-tech gaming surface and a sleek piece of modernist furniture. For Atari nostalgists, there’s a long, rectangular Pong table, but our favorite is the roulette model, above, which lights up to reveal a number board, then flashes randomly until a single number remains illuminated. According to Waldemeyer, a former engineer at Philips and one of the wizards behind Hussein Chalayan’s recent tech-driven Spring collection, the pieces grew out of earlier experiments with kitchen design. “I wanted to hide lights and touch-sensitive technologies inside countertops so that you could control all your appliances through a single interface,” he explains. When the market for that work never materialized, Waldemeyer looked for a new way to “show off the technology—and games seemed to be the best way to do that.” Games more fun than kitchen appliances? He may be onto something.

Moritz Waldemeyer LED game tables, from $8,600, available exclusively by order at Rabih Hage Gallery London, 69–71 Sloane Ave., London, (011) 44-207-823-8288,

This candle will self-destruct in five minutes


If you’re looking to save the world (not by way of saving the cheerleader), The Design Can’s Self-Destructo Candle might be the product for you. It’s simple enough. As a do-gooder, you’ll use the LED half of the candle for a light that will last forever, as long as you change the battery every so often. Want to create some ambiance, or just get sick of the LED look? Flip the standard pillar candle over, trim the wick and flic your bic.

All this being said, the last time I lit up, I thought most candles were already self-destructive – minus the battery and bulb which, if you’re really looking to protect the environment, requires a recycling facility. The way I see it, there are more effective ways of promoting a clean earth. Unless the candles are so technologically advanced they could pour the wine and dim the lights, they will only appeal to the most eco-minded individuals.

Elsewares, via Inhabitat

Worlds Smallest LED Wristwatch

Retsu by Saishin

I just got a press release from Tokyoflash announcing the ‘world’s smallest LED Wristwatch’. The watch is called Retsu and is from Saishin. As always the time is presented in a quite unusual fashi0n:

Amazingly simple to read, the lights race up to the digit then trail off leaving one light reconfirming the number. This is repeated for each digit to tell the time.

Retsu by Saishin[]