Pfizer Offers Free Medication To Unemployed Or Uninsured Patients

via Consumerist by Laura Northrup on 5/14/09

It’s hard for journalists (and bloggers) to resist a story that they can entitle “Free Viagra,” and pharmaceutical company Pfizer knows it. This recent publicity stunt is still newsworthy even without that headline, because of its purpose, and the problem for drug companies that it illustrates.

Pfizer, like most of the big drug companies, already has a variety of assistance programs for people who have trouble affording Pfizer drugs. For more information about such programs, visit the Prescription Assistance Program site.

So why start a new program for the newly unemployed? Most people don’t now about assistance programs, and those who never expected to find themselves without insurance may be grateful for the new publicity. Also, makers of pricey brand-name drugs are suffering in the current economic climate.

The Chicago Tribune notes:

Pfizer’s program comes at a time when many drugmakers, including Pfizer, have been raising prices on their drugs, partly to offset declines in revenue as the global recession reduces the number of prescriptions people can afford to fill.

The 70-plus drugs covered in the program include several diabetes drugs and some of Pfizer’s top money makers, from cholesterol fighter Lipitor and painkiller Celebrex to fibromyalgia treatment Lyrica and Viagra for impotence. Drugs from several other popular classes such as antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungal treatments, heart medications, contraceptives and smoking cessation products also are included. Cheaper generic versions are available for quite a few of the drugs.

It’s worth pointing out again that yes, many of these drugs are available as generics, or there are similar generic medications that treat the same issue.

Prescription Assistance Program
Pfizer offers free Viagra, Lipitor and other drugs to uninsured, jobless Americans [Chicago Tribune] (Thanks, HiPwr!)
(Photo: mundolaura)

CVS Beverage Prices: Only Off By $997 Or So

via Consumerist by Laura Northrup on 5/14/09

A few weeks apart, in different stores, readers Spencer and Sean spotted the same error on CVS shelf tags. Printing error? Zoned-out employees? Maybe our assumptions are all wrong, and it’s an innovative new pricing strategy.

The same error showed up on bottles of bottled Starbucks Frappucinos and Diet Orange Crush.



Mobile Visor Confirms That You Are, In Fact, Looking At Porn

via Gizmodo by Jack Loftus on 3/22/09

So you say you’re a somewhat shady person, but you really want to confirm that trait for anyone who’s still on the fence about you. Enter the Mobile Visor. It’ll do the trick. Easy.

Before the visor, people might have simply guessed that you were surfing porn on your mobile while at work.

“Well, his face is flush,” they’d think to themselves, “and he’s sweating a bit too much for such a cool day in the office, but maybe he’s just walked up a flight or stairs or something.”

But then, after you attach this loud, outrageous $9 black thing to your Blackberry, you will have confirmed what you’re really up to, and then some.

Either that, or you’re the world’s most paranoid business executive or pencil pusher. Whatever. It’s bad news all around.

[New PC Gadgets via Gear Diary]

Logitech Premiere Edition Guitar Is Such, Such Guitar Hero Overkill

via Gizmodo by Mark Wilson on 10/23/08

The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller, Premiere Edition shows that even a keyboard and mouse manufacturer is ready to challenge Fender in the world of high end game guitars. The $250 PS2/PS3 accessory features a premium build including a genuine wood neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets.

Plus you’ll see the wonky Touch Sensitive Neck Slider that will support new functions in Guitar Hero IV (we doubt it’ll do much in Rock Band). The controller will be available this December to anyone willing to pay as much on a guitar controller as they could on a real guitar. And let us apologize in advance for this slightly disappointing, less artsy bonus pic:


Intel patent attorneys kick some dirt at AMD

via Engadget by Nilay Patel on 10/9/08
AMD’s breakup into two separate companies is certain to have wide-ranging impact in the industry, and unsurprisingly, Intel’s among the first to react — it’s warning that it has “serious questions about this transaction” as it relates to its patent cross-licensing agreement with AMD and that it’ll “vigorously protect” its intellectual property rights. That’s about as aggro a patent attorney can get without coming to your house and peeing on the lawn (or, uh, filing a lawsuit), so we’ll see how this shakes out — for its part, AMD says that it’s taken the deal into account, and that it’ll “continue respecting Intel’s intellectual property rights, just as we expect them to respect ours.” That’s a respect throwdown, right there — you gonna take that, Intel?

An alarm clock that can turn on the lights — this is just trouble

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 8/27/08


On the left you’ve got the Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock, and its buddy, Mood Lamp, to the right. After a short warning of its feet lighting up, the Alarm Clock will throw its mouth wide open and blare out one of three different noises to wake you up, beating its arms up and down if you aren’t roused in time. It isn’t all bad, though — it can play music and do a little dance to the tunes, too.

Mood Lamp is Alarm Clock’s more chill cousin. It has four different brightness settings depending on how you’re feeling. It will also dance to whatever music you’re playing, and respond to your touch in an animated way.

Alarm Clock is kind of a bad influence on Mood Lamp, though, as they can communicate with one another if they’re less than 15 feet apart. Alarm Clock can get Lamp to turn on as bright as it can and, mixed in with the noise, you’ve got two culprits to go after if you want to snooze.

RoomTech Beingz Alarm Clock & Mood Lamp, via 7 Gadgets

Iran missile Photoshop job lampooned worldwide

via DVICE by Charlie White on 7/14/08


You probably saw this propaganda photo from Iran last week, showing a quartet of dangerous-looking missiles simultaneously launching in a test exercise. It became immediately obvious to anyone with half a brain that the shot was Photoshopped, with an additional missile added for extra punch. Now Photoshop artists from around the Internet respond with some artwork of their own. Here’s our favorite:


Via Danger Room

Boy, This Tiny Microfiber Cloth From Amazon Sure Is Packaged Efficiently

via Consumerist by Meg Marco on 7/3/08

Yes, folks. It’s time for everybody’s favorite post: Stupid Shipping Gang! In this episode, Amazon demonstrates how to package a tiny microfiber cloth efficiently.

Nathan says:

I wanted to add another example to your files of stupid shipping. I just got the microfiber clothes I ordered for cleaning my SLR’s lenses. I thought it was kind of silly they used a big box and put all the cushioning on top (none below of course). But even when I took it all out I couldn’t find the clothes, which had slid under on of the cardboard flaps. I’m pretty sure that alone is proof that a standard, letter sized envelope would have more than sufficed.

Thanks for letting me share.

Check out the delicious unboxing gallery link.

Gamerscore cheaters get punished and branded

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Dustin Burg on 3/25/08

Fresh from his much deserved vacation, Major Nelson sends word that last night, Microsoft dealt with Gamerscore cheaters / boosters with a highly concentrated dose of punishment.

Those gamers who Microsoft targeted as being the greatest Gamerscore abusers have just had their entire Gamerscore wiped to a more appropriate 0GS. This wipe also prevents abusers from being able to go back and earn Gamerscore from already unlocked achievements, but they’ll still be able to live a pure life and earn new achievements in the future. But we have to say the best punishment of all is the fact that all Gamerscore cheaters will now carry a mark of shame (seen above) that’s branded on the cheater’s Gamercard. How fashionable. You can learn more about the punishment, how cheaters are targeted and what goes down over on Also, be sure to heckle anyone you see sporting the mark of shame. Give it to ’em good, make ’em cry!

Hip Desk From Lindo: Geekish or Freakish?

via geeksugar — Geek is chic. by geeksugar on 1/25/08

I stopped and stared at this product for a few beats too long on OhGizmo!. I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around what it is and how exactly you’re supposed to use it. Basically, the Lindo Hip Desk is a piece of fiberglass that wraps around your hips to become a mobile laptop desk. Talk about being attached to your work! (Bah-dumb-chah!)

Anyway, I don’t think I can get behind this (and the dumb jokes continue, folks!), but this might be useful to someone . . . somewhere. Those dudes who still wear fanny packs? Maybe. It’s still a concept, so you don’t have to fear getting hit by a Hip Desk attached to an office drone out on the street quite yet.

Hip Desk From Lindo: Geekish or Freakish?

I think it’s _________. See my comment below!