Axiontron beats Apple to the Mac tablet punch

modbook-mac-tablet-axiotron.jpgAre you tired of waiting for Apple to release a MacBook tablet for you to fawn over? Sure, there have been rumors about them for months now, but there’s nothing coming out of Cupertino currently that looks anything like the tablet so many Apple fans want so badly. What are you to do?

Just get the next best thing, the ModBook Mac Tablet. Sure, it’s not an official Apple computer, but if they aren’t gonna release what you want you need to take matters into your own hands. This tablet is a modified Apple MacBook that has a touchscreen and no keyboard, but it does have an iSight camera, a DVD burner, ForceGlass on the screen to protect it from scratches and the like, and WiFi. It looks pretty slick, although with no price announced as of yet you can assume this one will be very, very expensive. But hey, if Apple released one officially it’d be very expensive too, so what’s the difference?

Product Page, via UberGizmo

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Apple revs security updates to fix Safari crashing bug

If you already installed either Security Update 2007-009 or Safari 3 Beta 3.0.4 Security Update for Windows, you may have noticed a wee bit of instability in Safari post-update. The behavior in question is euphemistically described by Apple as “an unexpected termination of the Safari application when browsing to certain web sites,” or translated into English: Safari go boom now.

Fortunately, before heading out to celebrate Christmas with their long-suffering families, Apple security engineers cranked out 1.1 updates to both the recent security patches, available for download now. If your Safari experience hasn’t been all it can be since the updates, try the new patch versions and see if they improve matters.

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Mac Hack: Install Leopard on a PC

Once upon a time trying to install OS X on a PC was like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. The operating system just wasn’t designed to run on Intel processors. But now that Apple is releasing Intel-based Macs, you can install Windows on a Mac, and with a little bit of hard work and license-breaking, you can install OS X 10.5 on a PC with an Intel processor.

Don’t expect everything to work properly. You might be missing drivers for graphics cards, audio, or even WiFi. But the installation process doesn’t look too complicated. Basically you download an illegal disc image (which we would never condone doing), patch it, install the operating system from a DVD and then throw another patch at it.

Once again, if you really want Leopard to run properly on your hardware, your best bet is to buy an Apple computer. But we’re still pretty impressed that the OSX86 hackers were able to figure out how to install the OS on non-Apple hardware before Leopard was even officially released.

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iPhone Display Needs to Reboot, Runs Windows XP
Windows-iPhone.jpgHey PC fanboys, now you can use this shot of a Windows XP display at an AT&T store when those smug Mac worshipers tell you about how such-and-such Zune commercial was made on a Mac, and how “all media types and artists” use Macs. Windows runs the world, baby.

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Firefox 3.0 beta coming soon

Mozilla has released the last version of the Firefox 3.0 browser before it enters beta testing.

Alpha 6 of Firefox 3.0, aka Gran Paradiso, includes an upgraded SQLite engine, the database that serves as the back-end storage house for Places – a new history and bookmark manager. Other Alpha 6 upgrades include improved cookie performance; support for site-specific preferences, such as text size; and enhancements of the add-on and download tools.

As usual, Mozilla waved off casual users. “Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 is intended for web developers and the Mozilla testing community only, with regular end users strongly advised to stick with the stable Firefox 2 for now,” the company-hosted mozillaZine site said.

Mozilla plans to release the first public version of Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 on 31 July. According to the updated roll-out schedule, Beta 2 will appear in September, and the final release is due sometime before the end of the year.

In other Firefox news, Mozilla’s upgrade offer to users of Version 1.5 has resulted in more than 3 million downloads of Firefox 2.0 since last Thursday. Upgrades topped out at around 30 per second, but have settled down at about 13 per second, Mozilla said.

Users are asked to choose whether to update to 2.0, delay the update or permanently reject it. Mozilla is trying to get all users to upgrade to the current browser because support for Firefox 1.5 ended in May. That same fate will befall Firefox 2.0 six months after Version 3.0 launches.

Alpha 6 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux at the Mozilla website.

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