The Navy shows off its insane magnetic railgun of the future

via DVICE by Adam Frucci on 2/1/08


Holy crap. The Navy just tested out its insane new 10 megajoule railgun, and it’s clearly the future of death-delivery systems. Rather than using gunpowder like most guns, this thing powers projectiles via magnetic waves, allowing you to launch stuff at enormous speeds.

Just take a look at the image above! It shows the first demonstration of this crazy magnetic railgun, which fired a shell at 5,600 miles per hour using 10 megajoules of energy. And that’s just the beginning. When this thing is done, it’ll be firing shots at over 13,000 miles per hour. Oh, and it’ll be accurate enough to hit a 5 meter target from 200 nautical miles away while shooting at 10 shots per minute. Even though it won’t be ready until 2020 to 2025, I’m going to start getting on the Navy’s good side now.

Navy, via Oh Gizmo!