Scientists Build Nanowire Memory That Uses Trits, Not Bits [Storage]

via Gizmodo by Kit Eaton on 7/3/08

Scientists at University of Pennsylvania have been tinkering with germanium-tellurium nanowires and have figured out how to make them store data in three states. Yup, that’s 0,1 and 2… binary seems passé now doesn’t it? According to the team, storing trits instead of bits “could allow for a huge increase in the memory density of potential future devices,” meaning higher capacity storage in the same size. And using nanowires is a particularly good way to make memory chips because it may be possible to make them self-organize, making “top-down” silicon-chip fabrication seem clunky. The team’s busy perfecting their understanding of nanowire size and chemistry, so don’t expect to see results from the tech too soon.