The never-ending struggle to find what is not near.

I find the thought without wanting to,

I find the need without wanting to.

What is to feel?

What is to know?

What is to love and to lust?

The needing lure that is my body,

The wanting desire of my mind.

I need to see you,

I need to feel you,

I need you to want me just like I want you.

I feel noting but the cry of my hart,

For the only question is Where?

Where are you?

Where am I?

Where are we and where art thou?

You are not where I can see you,

You are not where I can feel you.

You are in my mind,

You are inside my body

You are within the confinements of my hands?

Why cant you last forever?

Why cant we live forever?

Why cant you be with me like the one that went so long ago?

I need you,

I want you,

I love you.

Never mind the elusion,

Never mind the urge,

For all I need is you,

For all I desire is you.


Go forth,

Go far,

Go for evermore.

Never want what I want,

Never need what I need,

For the pain will be here now and ever.

Your memory will last till time stands no more,

Your body will sleep with me even though you do not.

Needing me like I need you,

Wanting me like I want you,

Take me,

Take me like I used to take you.