Sony Slowly Backing Away from UMD, Snuggling With Digital Distribution

via Gizmodo by matt buchanan on 12/17/08

The rumors Sony is working on a PSP2? Pure confusion, says Sony exec John Koller. Rumormongers are somehow mistaking its push to digital distribution, away from UMD, as work on PSP2. Uh huh. [SAI]

id’s Carmack: iPhone nearly as powerful as Xbox, PS2

via Joystiq by Randy Nelson on 8/1/08

When he isn’t dabbling in rocket science, id Software’s John Carmack is one of the world authorities on 3D graphics programming. Carmack, who recently revealed that he is turning his talents to Apple’s iPhone (the graphics ones, not the rocketry smarts) for a “graphical tour de force,” has provided his two cents on just how powerful the cell phone personal media device really is.

During an on-stage appearance at QuakeCon 2008, the man who’s tinkered with every graphics tech under the sun likened the polygon-pushing capabilities of iPhone to that of Sega’s late, great Dreamcast. Taking the comparison to more current game hardware, he stated that iPhone is “more powerful than a Nintendo DS and Sony PSP combined,” perhaps even nearing the capabilities of the PS2 and original Xbox. Given his statements, we’re even more eager to see the two projects id is developing for the device, a “conventional mobile game” and the aforementioned visual show stopper.
[Via Engadget]

PSP2 "Cobalt" to feature dual analog, UMD, 8GB of flash? Don’t count on it.

We’re pretty sure PSP2 rumors won’t die out until the last PSP fanboy utters his final gasp, “UMD rulez!” on his death bead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun poking fun at them in the in-between time. From the outset, we’re kind of liking the look here, and there seems to be plenty of room for that dual analog setup everyone’s been clamoring for. Plus the metal and ruggedized rubber build seems likable enough. Unfortunately, the inclusion of UMD, Memory Stick and 8GB of flash seems pretty far fetched — either Sony loses the UMD and goes for all-downloadable games, or it sticks with its tried and true method of milking consumers on Memory Stick purchases, it’s hard to imagine an all-in approach. Other dubious specs include a “200% Brighter Screen,” and the more likely a/b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and visual battery display. We’re not banking on this one, and Sony’s been pretty down on the topic in general, but hopefully these guys do actually pull something out before too terribly long.

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