Lightning Review: D-Link DSM-210 Wireless Internet Photo Frame

via Gizmodo by Jason Chen on 8/1/08

The Gadget: D-Link’s entrance into the 10-inch photo frame market, which contains Wi-Fi to download and display pics from your Flickr, MobileMe, MSN, PIcasa, webshots, Facebook, and various other photo sharing accounts, or your local network. There’s also RSS news display, 1GB on-board memory and a USB port for external photos.

The Price: $240

The Verdict: Works mostly as advertised, but at a price of $240, we expect a bit more polish to the unit.

The 10-inch display is roomy, but its 800×480 resolution looks somewhat pixelated when you get up close. Loading photos from its internal memory and USB slot (or SD slot) works just as well as you’d expect, which is nice. However, 1GB of built-in memory is pretty tiny for something that costs $240.

You can also stream photos from various online photo sharing networks, which works pretty well over its 802.11g connection or its 10/100 Ethernet port (you really want to use the Wi-Fi to make this truly wireless, but seeing as there’s a mandatory AC adapter, that’s pretty much an impossibility anyway).

One of the goofs we find is that the default setting on, the online utility you use to manage all your internet feeds, sets the default photos at a maximum of 5, so you only get 5 pics in your rotation at once. Easy enough to fix if you know where to look, but your parents would have to call you first. Again, for $240 we expect the kind of user interface that you can actually tweak settings on without having to use a separate computer.

Is it fairly solid? Yes. Would we recommend this to our parents? Probably not. We’ll wait for the second-gen (or is it fifth-gen now) photo frames—something we can give to our parents and have them figure out themselves. [D-Link]

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Texts Keep You Posted

It’s an annoyance to keep checking a site or your RSS reader every now and again to stay on top of the latest news, right? Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could just receive a text message every time it’s updated? It’s, and what it does is let you punch in a website with an RSS feed or the site directly, and then updates get forwarded to your phone. You get a preview, therefore you only need to go online if its worthy of your time. There’s also a really neat feature that lets you use keywords to nit pick just what you fancy. Sounds expensive? Not all all, it’s free. The again, you might have to talk to your carrier about being charged for incoming text messages, but if you aren’t, you’re in the clear! Now you’ll never have to miss out on the breaking news as it happens.

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PS. I did not get paid to post this! I actually could use the service.

The ultimate RSS feed: Twingly screensaver shows global blog activity


Although we normally don’t write about screensavers, this one by Primelabs has a cool factor mammoth enough to qualify as an exception. Twingly, as it’s somewhat perplexingly called, shows blogging activity all across the world. Judging from the video that the company put on YouTube, links to posts scroll along the left side of the screen, pointing to where they originated on the globe in the center.

When the data flow is too big (which probably happens all the time), the link list won’t contain every single blog post, so don’t feel bad if you can’t see your own — you’re still adding to the yellow dots on the map. And if you ever see a post that says, “Poop on all humans,” it’s probably those darn pigeon bloggers again.

PC users interested in pretending they’re in an episode of Jake 2.0 can download the saver for free from the Twingly site (no Mac version, sadly). Check out the video preview after the jump.

Primelabs, via The Red Ferret Journal

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