8 LCDs in 1: now THAT’S a monitor


There’s not a lot of info on this bad boy, but you know how much we love ridiculous, oversized screens here , so I figured it’d be worth sharing with you anyhow.

Just take a look at this thing! It’s comprised of eight LCDs and was manufactured by Siemens, and apparently it’s used for boring crap like monitoring nuclear power facilities. Personally, I don’t find power plant maintenance all that exciting, but it sure would be fun to hook this puppy up to a gaming rig and try some World of Warcraft out. I’m pretty sure the chances of anyone doing that are slim to none, unless some Homer Simpson-esque nuclear technician decides to bring in his Xbox 360 and get fired while having a lot of fun.

Sure, you might not be able to buy a screen as insane as this, but there’s stuff like the Radius 320 out there to satisfy your combined-monitor desires, so don’t despair.