AT&T now offering SIM-only option

via The Boy Genius Report by Joshua Karp on 1/20/08

Looking to bring your own device to a new line of service with AT&T? They’ve started offering a SIM card-only option in their online store. For $10.00 minus a $5.00 “online discount” you can start your very own line of AT&T service. This option looks to be tailored towards customers that already have an unlocked or AT&T-locked wireless handset. From what we can tell, you’re free to pair the SIM card with any of AT&T’s current plan offerings, though you’ll still have to commit to a 2-year agreement for anything other than the pre-paid options. Nothing revolutionary here as you could always use your own phone, but it’s a good step towards greater customer freedom, so you won’t find us complaining.


Sim Card Backup Gadget

Now this is something that should have been in the market when SIM’s was first introduced!

via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women by Evan on 12/29/07


Why didn’t I have this BEFORE I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, BEFORE my daughter lost hers at the movies and BEFORE my huband’s phone was stolen from his car? All that lost time re-entering our info.

If we’d had the Sim Card Backup gadget we could have replicated our contacts onto another SIM card. The device has 16KB of storage which is enough for 500 telephone records. The memory is organized in 2 different SIM Cards data storage banks.

I’d pay hundreds of dollars for this gadget but you can pick it up for only $14.99 at Think Geek

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Nokia Eseries devices are widely available in the U.S.

Nokia E61i

I purchased a Nokia E61 to replace my Treo 650 from a US importer last year and have since upgraded to a Nokia E61i, again via a US importer. Nokia posted a press release announcing that Nokia E-series, these are the enterprise focused devices like the E61i, are broadly available in the United States. The release is primarily an educational announcement to spread the word about various outlets where you can get a Nokia E61i, E65, or other Eseries model. There are more than 140 value-added resellers (VARs) in the Nokia for Business Channel Program, including, Gateway, and Mobile Planet. I personally have purchased my Eseries devices from PhoneSource USA and have been extremely pleased with their services. IMHO, the E61i is a great deal at around US$400 for a SIM unlocked device that requires no contract extension or minimal service obligation.

The Eseries devices are S60 smartphones with pre-installed applications and features focused on the business user. Devices like the E61i and E90 have QWERTY keyboards and just about every wireless radio you can think of to allow for VoIP telephony and connectivity anywhere. There are several syncing and push email solutions as well as the ability to view email attachments. The Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite also allows for high security managment of the devices, which is critical to the business user. All of this isn’t to say that these devices still can’t be used for fun and personal enjoyment since they have MP3 capability, some have cameras for quick snapshots, and they support a large number of 3rd party applications.

Thanks to my buddy Chris over at Mobility Site for the link to the press release.