Internal AT&T Memo Indicates Groundbreaking iPhone 3G Feature: MMS

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 6/26/08

Check this out. New reports are coming in that a very interesting memo is currently circulating internally at AT&T. Said memo reportedly lists a variety of features that will supposedly be included on the upcoming iPhone 3G. Among them is an exciting new service that – get this – allows you to send SMS-like messages that include multimedia attachments. Imagine! The service, cleverly named Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) supposedly allows users to attach one or more image, audio file or even video and deliver the message along with text. The recipient of the message will then see and / or hear the multimedia on his or her mobile. Nutty. None of this is confirmed as of yet, but how sweet would it be if a mobile phone had functionality like this?! Oh Apple, you’ve done it again! Next thing you know we’ll find out that Apple has figured out a way to copy text from one place and paste it to another. Ok, that’s just crazy talk.


Texts Keep You Posted

It’s an annoyance to keep checking a site or your RSS reader every now and again to stay on top of the latest news, right? Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could just receive a text message every time it’s updated? It’s, and what it does is let you punch in a website with an RSS feed or the site directly, and then updates get forwarded to your phone. You get a preview, therefore you only need to go online if its worthy of your time. There’s also a really neat feature that lets you use keywords to nit pick just what you fancy. Sounds expensive? Not all all, it’s free. The again, you might have to talk to your carrier about being charged for incoming text messages, but if you aren’t, you’re in the clear! Now you’ll never have to miss out on the breaking news as it happens.

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PS. I did not get paid to post this! I actually could use the service.