Star Wars flash drives coming; try to remain calm

vader usb

Attention nerds! Do you like Star Wars? Do you like electronic gadgets? Do you like electronic gadgets in the shape of popular Star Wars characters? You’re so predictable. Mimoco plans to get rich off your little obsession, releasing a limited edition run of Star Wars character USB flash drives right into your sweaty, grabby hands next January with the first one available for preorder now. It’s in the shape of Darth Vader, a character I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re familiar with if you’re reading a gadget blog on Three more characters from the franchise will be announced at a later date, and you can try to guess which ones they’ll be to win them all in a contest on the Mimoco site. The drives come in 1, 2, and 4 GB flavors for $80, $120, and $170, respectively. The first 500 preorders will get an OMG free Darth Vader button, so you’d better hurry or they’ll run out of buttons!

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64-GB thumb drive: portable storage for rich idiots

64gb thumb drive

You gotta love thumb drives, those diminutive devices that let us carry significant amounts of data around without needing to deal with burning CDs or any other type of write-once media. They have pretty decent capacities too, with sizes inching up well past 10 GB if you want to spend some serious coin on one. But what if you need more space… way more space? Well, you could always buy this 64-GB USB thumb drive from Buslink. It has more than enough space to hold any number of large media files and could basically act like an extra hard drive, albeit one that probably takes a lot longer to write to than a normal hard drive. Well, it seems worth it. I’ll just pull out my credit card and — wait a minute, it’s $5,740?! Mother of God, that’s an expensive thumb drive. You could buy so many more worthwhile things for that amount of money. At that price you have to wonder if they’ve sold a single one of these things. I’m going to go ahead and recommend that you wait for the price to come down on this before you make your purchase. No need to thank me for the sage advice; it’s my job.

CDW, via Ubergizmo

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