ATT and it’s Discriminatory Policy on Minorities @ it’s Retail Stores Which Violates the US Constitution

Lohan is currently locked in the middle of a constitutional battle with ATT Wireless over customers being able to pay cash for products (namely the iPhone 3G) @ their retail stores all over the country which ATT currently has a polity that only a credit card can be used.

The only thing is that ATT seems to ‘have neglected’ the fact the it violates 2 Supreme Court Rulings that all products available for sale @ a store must except legal notes issued by the US Treasury Department as payment for such item (namely cash).

Lohan is not letting up and is pressing ATT on the issue. Hopefully Lohan will not have to get the US Attorney General Civil Rights Division involved in the matter!

Don’t believe me? Call or visit any ATT retail store!

What do you think?