SnagIt 9.0 now available

via Download Squad by Christina Clark on 8/1/08

If you, like us, capture and edit a lot of screenshots, the new version of SnagIt might interest you. We have covered past versions so let’s focus on what’s new with 9.0.

Version 9 adds a sequential capture feature, automatic or custom tagging, visual bookmarking, ribbon-based menus, multi-image capabilities, a quick access toolbar and other features. The TechSmith web page lists better work flow as one of the main new features. You can decide if you want to capture everyhing and edit later or capture one image, edit, capture another, edit, etc.

The version is free to try and $49.95 to purchase.

No Vista installation CD? You can still download a Vista recovery disc

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 1/26/08
Vista Recovery Disc

The Windows Vista installation DVD includes more than just the files you need to install an operating system. There’s also a recovery center which helps you deal with operating system problems. It can search for problems, find system restore points, restore from backups, or fix a broken boot manager. The problem is that many, (if not most) home computer users don’t have a real installation disc. What they have is a system restore disc provided by their computer manufacturer.

A few months ago we discovered that you could create your own standalone system recovery disc using tools included in Windows Vista SP1. But if you haven’t downloaded the beta version of SP1, or if something has gone horribly wrong and your computer is in an unbootable state, you might need to look elsewhere.

Fortunately the folks at NeoSmart have put together a downloadable recovery disc image. The ISO is about 120MB, and you’ll have to burn it to a disc before you can use it. So you’ll need a working computer of some sort to play. If you’re running Vista and you don’t already have an install disc or a recovery disc, we’d highly recommend creating one now. The recovery center is really one of the most useful new features included in Windows Vista.

[via CyberNet]

Customize Windows settings with FreshUI

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 1/21/08

If you’re looking for an easy to use application for tweaking just about every setting you could ever want to tweak in Windows, you might want to check out Fresh UI. While Fresh UI is hardly the only game in town, this Windows tweaking tool is both powerful and easy to use. And it has features that work with pretty much every version of Windows from Windows 95 through Vista.

Fresh UI divides tweaks up into a couple of different sections, including UI tweaks, system tweaks, and hardware settings. For example, you can customize Windows folder context menus, change the layout of the Windows start menu, or change what items show up on your desktop.

You can adjust most of these settings by making registry changes or using windows tools like gpedit.msc, but Fresh UI makes it much easier to adjust hard-to-find Windows settings. And best of all, it’s free.

[via Confessions of a freeware junkie]