Netflix Streaming Coming to Wii Next, Naturally

via Gizmodo by matt buchanan on 10/28/09

Netflix is finally, officially about to hit the PS3, leaving the Wii as the odd console out. Well, besides past hints and the whole “duh” aspect, StreamingMedia swears that the Wii is next, and has seen pitchas to prove it.

Of course, those pictures can’t shared in order to protect they’re source, and what’s more, they’re hearing that “Nintendo originally planned to bring the Netflix service to the Wii before the end of this year” but they’re “also considering holding off on the Netflix service until they release their next generation Wii HD unit in early 2010.” So, uh, just keeping your breath on that one.

[Streaming Media via Engadget]

Rumor: Co-op Clone Wars game coming to Xbox 360, PS3

via Joystiq by David Hinkle on 4/23/09

A rumor posted over at Destructoid points to a new Clone Wars game in the works for Xbox 360 and PS3. Titled Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, the game is described as a third-person action title featuring two-player co-op, with separate “Jedi” and “Clone” storylines featuring Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, respectively.

The game’s focus is supposedly on melee combat, with mention of some form of upgrades available throughout the game. Jedi characters will purportedly have some access to Force powers (gasp!), such as the ability to control droids (Dtoid’s post mentions rolling Droideka).

Krome Studios has had plenty of experience with the Star Wars franchise. The company handled porting Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to the Wii, PS2, and PSP, and was responsible for the Wii-exclusive Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm here.

Game Consoles Sucking Up $1 Billion in Energy Costs Per Year

via Gizmodo by Adam Frucci on 12/30/08

According to a study by the National Resources Defense Council, Americans use up about $1 billion worth of energy per year powering video game consoles, enough to power the entire city of San Diego.

It’s a pretty staggering figure, but I’m willing to bet that figures on the power consumption of things like refrigerators and washing machines are even worse. Any serious appliance is going to suck up a lot of juice, but that doesn’t mean we should throw them all out.

However, those folks who leave their consoles on all the time aren’t doing their energy bills any favors. With the Xbox 360 consuming 119 watts in active mode and the PS3 consuming 150 watts, turning these systems off when you aren’t playing is kind of an obvious move. But apparently a lot of people just leave them on all the time, leading to one very basic question: why? Both systems have features that’ll shut down automatically after a certain amount of idle time, seems like a no brainer to turn that on if you’re too damned lazy to turn them off yourself when done playing.

[NRDC via EcoGeek]

Nintendo sells over a million Wiis in the US alone during week ending Decemb…

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 12/23/08

Google employees might be getting lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings this year but we have a feeling our pals over at Nintendo will likely be getting regularly scheduled bonuses. We all know that Wii sales have been consistently and ridiculously strong but this past week has been nothing short of astounding here in the US for Nintendo. In the week ending December 20th, VG Chartz estimates Wii sales in the US alone at over one million units. Yes, that’s a one with six zeros after it. The holiday season is shaping up to be quite a coup for Nintendo and Wii sales won’t be slowing down any time soon. Add to that the tremendous success of the DS and you’ve got yourself a hell of a year-end.

[Via Newlaunches]


Nintendo makes an adorable profit per Wii sold

via DVICE by Tom Chick on 12/3/08


Everything about the Nintendo Wii is just so goshdarn cute. Even it’s profit! From an article in Forbes:

Unlike its competitors, Nintendo has figured out how to make money from its console sales. Sony loses money on each Playstation sold. Microsoft might just break even. But every Wii brings in $6 of operating profit for Nintendo, says David Gibson, an analyst at Macquarie Securities.

Six dollars is really cute. I would be hard pressed to think of a profit cuter than six dollars. Maybe seventeen cents.

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Fall 2008 Xbox 360 and Wii Games That are Going to Rock

via 8Bit by Jake on 9/22/08

I am still not over all the great holiday games from last year. Well tis the season to get ready for the holiday/fall blitz of new games.

Wii Releases

Samba de Amigo
Sega + Monkeys = Fun!!! It will be awesome to play properly with dual Wiimotes. It is going to be pure maracas monkey madness. BBQ is going to be all over this.

Sam & Max: Season 1
I feel a bit left behind since I have not played the PC version but alas the Freelance Police will soon be here and kick down the door and fully investigate my Wii.

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
Gothic, creative, innovative, driven and coming to my Wii soon.

Xbox 360 Releases

Mega Man 9 XBLA
I am going to flat out say that I doubt that I’ll get to many achievements on this bad boy but a new old Megaman game is too big a treat for me to pass up.

Dead Space
I am cautiously optimistic that this game might be the best scary game of the year. I want to play this with all the lights off with headphones on and a cold beer.

Fable II
I really need two copies of this game. One for me and one for my freinds to play with me. I am going to devour this game like a finely seasoned medium rare steak.

Guitar Hero World Tour
It was a bunch of fun at PAX but it will have to deliver after Rock Band 2. I might get the new guitar.

Fallout 3
I like a good post apocalyptic semi-real time RPG with nukes and mutants.

Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
I am a sucker for classic Namco games.

Gears of War 2
Blood tastic saw-domy on a massive scale.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
I was already interested in this game but the addition of George Takei as the Emperor of Japan seals the deal for me.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
The Xbox 360 needs a pretty kick but cartoony platformer.

Call of Duty: World at War

Left 4 Dead
This looks like the best online team based zombie apocalypse game this year.

I am pretty curious to get my mouth on Microsoft’s new interactive music singing game. Told ya Lips was a peice of hardware.

Prince of Persia
All the trailers of this game make my hair stand up on the back of my neck.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
I was pretty impress with this game at PAX. It is the first Lord of the Rings games that I am looking forward to in a long time.

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon
The new physics based weapons that they and new and expanded destruction that is going into this game is looking brilliant.

I also can’t wait for Brutal Legend but there is no hard release date yet.

WiiSpeak Community Mic: Online Group Chatting Comes to the Wii

via Gizmodo by matt buchanan on 7/15/08

The second new Wii accessory out of E3, the WiiSpeak community mic and speaker finally lets you chat with other people online. Unlike an Xbox 360 headset, it’s more about group chatting and is placed on top of your TV, like a conference call mic (how does it filter out game sounds?). It’s bundled with Animal Crossing City Folk, which is kind of like the Sims, but more Animal Crossing-like. It’ll be out later this year.

Logitech Announces Wireless Keyboard for the Wii

via Gizmodo by Adam Frucci on 7/15/08

If you use your Wii to surf the web because you really miss your WebTV and want to relive the frustrations of using the internet on your television, this new Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii was designed with you in mind. It broadcasts using 2.4 GHz wireless technology and works from up to 30 feet away. Designed with the Wii in mind, it comes with dedicated buttons for Zoom In/Out, Forward/Back, Quit and OK. If it was really designed with the Wii in mind, you’d be able to move forward and back by swinging the entire keyboard around, but alas, that feature isn’t included. No word on a release date, but it’ll set you back $50 when it drops.

[Product Page via CrunchGear]

Wii Crossbow Has Laser Sight, Tip Covered by Ping Pong Ball

via Gizmodo by Haroon Malik on 3/8/08


We have seen our fair share of Wii peripherals, but the Wii Crossbow actually looks like it could be used by police officials to take down the bad guys. Sure, the ping pong ball tip doesn’t look too menacing, but we’re sure there’s a razor sharp arrow underneath.

If you’re worried aiming is going to be an issue, fret not. A laser sight is included to make sure you beat all your current scores in Link’s Crossbow Training. Priced at $28, the Wii Crossbow is priced on the steep side, but you can always take it in the garden, load it up with Nerf darts and pelt the bajeezus out of next door’s cat. Alternatively, you could use it to save some Christian aid officials that unwittingly have happened upon difficult times in war-torn Burma. You are Rambo.

[Deal Extreme viaTechnabob

Nintendo’s 2007 profits almost double fiscal 2006

via Engadget by Paul Miller on 1/24/08

While a few companies have posted some hefty earnings this year, it’s hard not to be impressed with the sort explosive growth Nintendo — a 100 or so year old company — has seen in 2007. Profit for the nine months leading up to December 31st was $2.45 billion, up 96.3 percent from the same timespan in fiscal 2006. Naturally a huge chunk of that is the 20 million Wii consoles sold, 14.29 million of those in the last three quarters, and the related software title, but it’s pretty clear that the DS continues to shine, with 24.5 million sold in the last nine months, and most likely a higher per-unit profit. Nintendo shares are down 2.4 percent in Tokyo.