NoDo Windows Phone 7 update hits the Venue Pro, Dell update to follow

via Engadget by Donald Melanson on 3/30/11

Well, it looks like Venue Pro owners will be getting not one but two software updates in the near future. Dell has just confirmed that the much-anticipated NoDo Windows Phone 7 update has begun rolling out to devices today, and also announced that a separate update of its own will be “coming later.” NoDo, of course, adds copy and paste functionality among some other updates and tweaks, while the Dell update is only said to have “more fixes.” Feel free to let us know how the update works out for you in comments.

Windows Mobile 7 pushed back to second half of 2009?

via Engadget Mobile by Paul Miller on 9/23/08

Good thing nobody’s working on anything right now in the smartphone space, or this could be really bad news for Microsoft, whose current version of Windows Mobile lost the technology and usability edge a while ago, and is being bandaged up by the likes of HTC to keep the OS relevant to consumers. According to CNET, some of Microsoft’s partners in the space are claiming that the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 has been pushed back to the second half of 2009, instead of the “early next year” they’d been expecting. Microsoft has yet to make a formal announcement about the release date of the OS or the specific feature set, so we can’t exactly point our fingers and laugh, but we’d say crying big, mobile OS tears into our morning cereal is certainly appropriate.

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E-TEN’s V900 gets handled, unloved

Bad camera, poor battery life, a dodgy d-pad, ugly color — is there anything good to say about the most well-spec’d glofiish in E-TEN’s range? Well, yes: with support for not one, not two, but four mobile TV standards under its belt, you’ll have a hard time finding a WinMo set out there that’s friendlier to telly on the go. Plus, the V900 rocks a flush VGA display and tri-band HSDPA, which are “good things” last time we checked; you’re just going to have to put up with flimsy build quality and a host of software and hardware niggles to get ’em. At $700, it’s hard to swallow the thought of buying a device this heavily panned in a review, but if you absolutely must be able to switch between DAB and DVB-T with aplomb… well, your crappy phone has arrived.

Samsung launches BlackJack III — in South Korea

via Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler on 7/21/08

Sorry if we got your hopes up for a second there, AT&Ters; we’re still not sure if this one’s ever coming to the US, and today is most definitely not the day. Instead, the SCH-M480, which appears to be alternately known as the BlackJack III and Ultra Messaging 2, has been launched on Korea’s own SK Telecom for something in the range of 600,000 won (about $592). The Windows Mobile 6 Professional handset is a dead ringer for the i780 that’s been launched for a few months now, featuring a lovely 320 x 320 touchscreen, HSDPA, WiFi, and a 2 megapixel camera; not really a direct successor to the BlackJack II since the latter runs Standard, but we could still see a whole host of folks going for the upgrade — if it ever comes to AT&T, that is.

Separately, Boy Genius Report is claiming that AT&T will be getting its very own BlackJack III come October of this year, albeit with a 3 megapixel camera, up from the 2 megapixel sensor seen here. With these fancy new pink and blue versions of the BlackJack II, though, who the heck needs it? We kid, we kid.

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Google launches search plugin for Windows Mobile

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 3/20/08

Google Today plugin

Google is taking steps to speed up the mobile version of its search engine. And while the company’s at it, it’s released a Today Screen plugin for Windows Mobile users. The plugin essentially lets you start a search from your home screen without even bothering to open up your web browser first. Of course, as you can see in our screenshot, Microsoft has been bundling a Windows Live Search plugin with Windows Mobile for a while, but we found that Google returned our search results much faster than Windows Live.

Google already has similar plugins for Symbian and BlackBerry devices.

You can install the new plugin by navigating to on a Windows Mobile web browser and clicking the “Search (Download)” link.

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The future of Windows Mobile

Samsung Ultra MessagingOur friends at Engadget got a sneak peak at a new Samsung Ultra Messaging device, set to go on sale soon in the Asian markets. What makes this noteworthy is that the device is obviously running a version of Windows Mobile (check out the telltale soft buttons on the bottom, not to mention the Windows logo), but this is most definitely not Windows Mobile 6. Or if it is, it’s one heck of a plugin that makes Spb’s impressive Mobile Shell look like child’s play.

The best way I can describe the new interface is a cross between Windows Mobile and Windows Media Center. Rather than tapping on the screen or clicking on buttons to go through a series of full menus for each program, you can choose programs by scrolling.

You can zip through your email, contacts, appointments, and music programs very fluidly. As the application comes into focus, you can flip between submenus, all from your devices main menu. I’m going to assume you can then open programs in full screen mode in order to do things that take up more screen real estate, like checking your email. No word on how long we’ll have to wait to see this new interface in the Western hemisphere.

In order to get the full effect, check out the video on Engadget.

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