Windows Live Messenger Finally Arrives For BlackBerry

via Gizmodo by Matt Hickey on 7/22/08

Many companies use Windows Live Messenger for corporate IM because it’s free and comes with pretty much any Windows computer they purchase. Windows Mobile users have had mobile IM love for awhile, but BlackBerry users have been left out, at least as far as official messengers go. They had already been promised an official client, and today Microsoft published it. Also included is live Hotmail support, for those who still use it. Go and download it, BlackBerry addicts, if you haven’t already.

[Download, via Ars]

Xbox 360 status info not displaying on friend’s Windows Live Messenger

Xbox 360 status info not displaying on friend’s Windows Live Messenger when logged in though Xbox 360 Live

I am posting this in the hope that someone out there has come across this issue. The people at Xbox 360 Live support has are stumped.
After the spring update to the Xbox 360, Windows Live Messenger (WLM) was added so your friends using WLM would be able to see when you were on your Xbox 360 and which game you were playing.

Now my issue:

Before, after I linked my new email with to my original email , which is what I use to login on my Xbox live gold account, the status and game I as playing would show appear next to my name on the WLM of my hotmail friends.

This is no longer happening. Now, whenever I am logged onto my Xbox 360 with messenger (hotmail account) with my game tag, everyone in my buddy list can’t see me. I am basically am off line.

The only thing different I’ve done recently is to my account (which connects to my Xbox Live Game Tag), was linking my new account to it, along with 4 more from work online.

However, I am still using my along with my gamer tag for my Xbox 360 Live. I made no change there.

At this time, I’ve unlinked all the links from all the accounts under Windows Live ID in case that was the issue.

I’ve recovered my gamer profile on the Xbox 360 and still am getting the same issue. I am unable to clear the cache of the 360 hard drive manually (as per support) and non of my WLM friends show up on my Xbox Live Blade, I have to go to “Chat and IM”, then “MESSENGER” and only there, are my WLM buddies showing up. I can, at that point communicate with them. But on there end, I show up as being off-line.

Anyone know what could be happening? And how I can get it back so my MSN Messenger friends can see when I am online on my Xbox 360 playing a game or watching a movie?

Now, I have set all my setting on my Xbox 360 to show ‘ONLINE’ and ‘EVERYONE’ on the Status settings and the Privacy settings for my Xbox 360.

Thank you for any help.

PS, I’ve contacted ‘800-Xbox’ and they were not able to help. Escalation team is on it. Whatever that means anyways! Never gotten a response, even after being told I would get a call back. Now I am expected some time of response not till the end of next week, @ the earliest.

Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update Features Leaked

Once again Gamespot broke an embargo and by the time they noticed the leak, the Internet savvies saved the video and put it up on YouTube.

The movie, which you can see below, takes a detailed look at the new features that will debut with the next Xbox 360 dashboard update.

Beginning the morning of Monday, May 7, you’ll be able to download the 2007 spring system update for the Xbox 360, which provides new features and enhancements for the dashboard, including a dedicated Xbox Live Marketplace blade, Windows Live Messenger interoperability, improved functionality for Achievements, downloads and movies.

Unfortunately, there won’t be Clan Support in this update so we’ll have to wait for the Fall system update.

For those who don’t want to waste their time watching the video, here’s the lowdown:

  • Windows Live Messenger interoperability:
    • Add up to 600 Windows Live Messenger contacts to your Xbox Live’s Friends List.
    • Basic text chat functionality with Windows Live Messenger users. Audio and video might be in the works.
    • You’ll be able to chat with up to 6 friends online while playing games or watching movies.
    • Your Windows Live Messenger contacts will know which games you are playing, as well as your gamertag.
    • You’ll see your Friends status, whether they are playing a game on Online on Windows Live Messenger.

  • Xbox Live Marketplace:
    • Xbox Live Marketplace will now have its own blade.
    • The XBL Marketplace blade can have its own skin, independent of the dashboard’s theme.
    • The XBL Marketplace blade will change looks depending on such events such a season, a holiday, etc.

  • Achievements:
    • When you unlock a new achievement, the pop up will show which Achievement you got and how many points you earned.

  • Downloads:
    • Auto-shutdown: When enabled, it turns off your console after 6 hours on inactivity or after all the items in the queue were downloaded.
    • Low-power downloading mode: it turns off all your fans when you leave the console downloading content.
    • View partially downloaded movies: self explanatory; you can view parts of a movie that have been downloaded.

Yahoo to Merge IM with Webmail Client

Yahoo said Thursday that it plans to integrate a Web-based version of its instant messaging program into the next beta of its Yahoo Mail Web application. The new client, which uses AJAX technology, is expected to debut early next year.

Google has already integrated Google Talk into Gmail, however they use separate interfaces. Yahoo’s implementation would combine the two into a single interface, executives say. The move is aimed at improving the user experience.

When responding to e-mail, in addition to allowing users to reply they could opt to instant message the contact instead if he or she is online through Yahoo Messenger. If the IM option is selected, a window for the instant messaging conversation appears within the e-mail client to continue the conversation there.

While at the current time only conversations with Yahoo Messenger users are supported, the company plans to eventually bring interoperability features with Windows Live Messenger users to the client as well.

Starting chats with users would be as simple as one click, with the option to continue through an e-mail message if a participant so desires. Eventually the company plans to also allow archiving of chat sessions, executives say.

With Yahoo’s latest move, only Microsoft and AOL now do not integrate instant messaging with their e-mail clients. While both Hotmail and Windows Live Mail both show online/offline status, instant messaging conversations are connected through the company’s stand-alone application.

“Users will quickly get used to flipping quickly between email and IM depending on “presence” – whether or not the person they are communicating with is online,” Michael Arrington wrote of the service in the TechCrunch web log Thursday. “We continue to prefer Yahoo Mail over Gmail because Yahoo Mail allows POP access to third party email services, whereas Gmail only allows access to Google’s own email service.”

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Windows Live Messenger 8.1 beta released

Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Microsoft has released a beta version of Windows Live Messenger 8.1 over at It’s not an enormous update, but it does add a few nice features to the IM client. Among them are a “Roaming Identity,” meaning you can (optionally) have your display picture and personal message follow you wherever you login, an improved emoticon, background, and display picture menu that shows you recently-used emoticons, etc. up top, an SMS phone book that lets you associate phone numbers with you contacts and send them SMS messages easily, a “report abuse” function, and support for Vista’s Presentation Mode that keeps IMs from interrupting you when you’re in the middle of a presentation. There are a couple other minor new features like an improved Contact Card, a Sign Out option on the Status menu and a new contact emoticon. Windows Live Messenger is a free download from Microsoft.