World of Warcraft Addict Constructs Massive 47 PC Setup

The problem with massive online games is that they’re full of other people. In order to bypass the need for interaction and reliance on outsiders, one gamer (and, get this, his girlfriend) decided to take on the responsibilities of an entire World of Warcraft guild himself. Gaze upon the 47 PC setup that allows two gamers to simultaneously control 23 independent accounts each.

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This technological monstrosity was constructed in waves, consisting first of Shuttle systems, followed by QPack and later AOpen small form factor PCs. To cut back on heat and the massive electric bill, most machines are diskless (i.e. no hard drive) and aren’t connected directly to monitors. Instead, programmable keyboards with KVM switches allow the duo to monitor and control everything from their six-monitor twin thrones. Jealous much? [Ultimate WoW Setup]

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