IC Friday: Intel’s 80386 DX

IC Friday: Intel’s 80386 DX


Today, we are presented with the venerable i386 processor which kicked off the 32bit era for the x86 architecture. This one happens to have a math-coprocessor on board as well.


i386-10x-01.jpg i386-10x-02.jpg i386-10x-03.jpg

i386-10x-04.jpg i386-10x-05.jpg i386-10x-06.jpg

i386-20x-01.jpg i386-20x-02.jpg i386-20x-03.jpg

Nvidia to build x86 processors, take on Intel, AMD?

NvidiaThe Inquirer says it has “confirmed” that 3D graphics giant Nvidia is hard at work building its own x86 processor with integrated graphics to compete with the offerings of Intel and AMD. Both Intel and AMD–which acquried ATI back in July–have been busy strapping integrated graphics on their own chips, it seems logical that Nvidia would want to play, too. Their efforts would be bolstered by its recent hiring of a bunch of engineers from Stexar, a now-defunct company that was founded by ex-Intel brains. The Inq says development is already underway, and we’ll be seeing a new CPU from Nvidia sometime in 2006.

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