xYz handheld rumored to combine Xbox 360 and Zune

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 5/15/09
xYz handheld rumored to combine Xbox 360 and Zune

Here’s a juicy rumor: could Microsoft be working on a portable gadget that combines the Xbox 360 with the Zune? Maybe!

The project, codenamed “xYz,” is said to feature a WVGA touchscreen and a way to play music and movies on both the device as well as the Xbox 360. Basically, it’s going to be a connected handheld gaming system with rich multimedia features. Sounds interesting, but will it actually come to exist? Time will tell.

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Lionhead sees the future, unveils Achievements for Fable 2 DLC

via Joystiq by Ben Gilbert on 4/23/09

Bringing the game’s grand total up to 1350 points, the full list of Achievements for Fable 2‘s upcoming DLC, “See the Future,” has been unveiled by the Lionhead Community blog. Since it includes such classy Achievements as “The Paramour: Make love 25 times” and “The Nutcracker: Score 25 groin shots,” we’re quite certain those venturing back into Albion will find no shortage of buffoonery to engage in.

We’re still not quite certain what day in the next month the second add-on will arrive, but we do know it’s fetching 560 ($7). Considering we’re rounding the end of April any minute now, though, we imagine Fable 2 developer Lionhead Studios will see fit to announce a release date soon. Now that’s seeing the future.

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Rumor: Co-op Clone Wars game coming to Xbox 360, PS3

via Joystiq by David Hinkle on 4/23/09

A rumor posted over at Destructoid points to a new Clone Wars game in the works for Xbox 360 and PS3. Titled Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, the game is described as a third-person action title featuring two-player co-op, with separate “Jedi” and “Clone” storylines featuring Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, respectively.

The game’s focus is supposedly on melee combat, with mention of some form of upgrades available throughout the game. Jedi characters will purportedly have some access to Force powers (gasp!), such as the ability to control droids (Dtoid’s post mentions rolling Droideka).

Krome Studios has had plenty of experience with the Star Wars franchise. The company handled porting Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to the Wii, PS2, and PSP, and was responsible for the Wii-exclusive Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm here.

Joystiq interview: BioShock 2

via Joystiq by Randy Nelson on 4/23/09

As much as the developers of BioShock 2 at 2K Marin were eager to show us their game in action, they were (quite pleasantly) even more eager to talk about it. Following the conclusion of our demo walkthrough, lead designer Zak McClendon, lead environment artist Hogarth De La Plante and lead level designer JP LeBreton opened the floor to questions from the half-dozen game journos in attendance.

Read on after the break for the team’s take on revisiting the first game’s mysteries, the intricacies of plasmid mixing, the return of Vita-Chambers and more.

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They’re back: Capcom announces Dead Rising 2 for PC, 360, and PS3

via Joystiq by JC Fletcher on 2/9/09

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That “Dead Rising 2” video from last week, that kinda looked like it could have been Dead Rising 2? It was totally Dead Rising 2. Capcom has officially announced the title not just for Xbox 360, but for PS3 and PC as well! The sequel occurs years after the events of the first game — with the zombie virus now spread throughout the United States. The action will take place in the “gambling paradise of Fortune City”. The main character is apparently no longer Frank West, but some guy in a jacket instead.

As rumored, the game is being developed by Canada’s Blue Castle Games. According to the press release, “A number of members from the original Dead Rising team will be working alongside Blue Castle Games throughout the development process,” including producer Keiji Inafune.

Gallery: Dead Rising 2

Matthews: Ports and expansions contributed to loss of FEAR fans

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Xav de Matos on 12/27/08

Monolith’s Dave Matthews, lead art designer for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, says multiple expansions and console ports have likely cost the shooter franchise some fans. In an interview with CVG a comment was made to Matthews that the TimeGate developed expansions and Day 1 Studios developed console-ports of the critically acclaimed shooter could be responsible for bringing new eyes to the horror-fueled FPS. “And killed off a few,” Matthews noted.

Matthews primary reason for the comment based on story decisions taken once the series was out of Monolith’s hands. “[TimeGate] took the story in a direction that we didn’t intend … We look at Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate as an alternate universe,” Matthews told CVG. F.E.A.R. was about Alma, F.E.A.R. 2 is about Alma, and we wanted to continue the story the way we originally intended.”

This time around Monolith, who gained Xbox 360 experience from the Condemned series, has committed to develop all three version of the upcoming sequel. “While there will be some slight variations between the different versions … our main goal is to make sure the experience is synonymous across all three platforms.”

Game Consoles Sucking Up $1 Billion in Energy Costs Per Year

via Gizmodo by Adam Frucci on 12/30/08

According to a study by the National Resources Defense Council, Americans use up about $1 billion worth of energy per year powering video game consoles, enough to power the entire city of San Diego.

It’s a pretty staggering figure, but I’m willing to bet that figures on the power consumption of things like refrigerators and washing machines are even worse. Any serious appliance is going to suck up a lot of juice, but that doesn’t mean we should throw them all out.

However, those folks who leave their consoles on all the time aren’t doing their energy bills any favors. With the Xbox 360 consuming 119 watts in active mode and the PS3 consuming 150 watts, turning these systems off when you aren’t playing is kind of an obvious move. But apparently a lot of people just leave them on all the time, leading to one very basic question: why? Both systems have features that’ll shut down automatically after a certain amount of idle time, seems like a no brainer to turn that on if you’re too damned lazy to turn them off yourself when done playing.

[NRDC via EcoGeek]