YouTube tries video ads

YouTubeYoutube’s music video free-for-all may soon come to a close, but not in the way many once feared. Google announced it is experimenting with video advertisements tied to the music videos from Sony and Warner Music Group as part of a four week trial in preparation for a wider roll-out.

According to the Reuters article, the ads will be targeted specifically at embedded content displayed on other sites. In a departure from Google’s Adsense, the advertisements are pay-per-view (CPM) rather than pay-per-click(CPC). Interesting to note that revenue will be split three ways under the new system. Labels, YouTube and the syndicating website will all get a cut although details are unavailable surrounding the exact amounts.

I’ve been unable to find an example of the new ads in the wild, have any of our eagle-eyed readers seen the new system at work?

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